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Prolyte een wereldwijde leverancier van Trusssystemen. Heeft vanwege hun Jubileum een wedstrijd gehouden, en GlindMedia heeft deze gewonnen. Naast de eerste prijs, hebben we hierdoor ook wereldwijde bekendheid gekregen.

"'De Glind' is a small village in The Netherlands that offers shelter to more than 100 youngsters who can't live at home anymore. These children will be coached and trained to further develop their (hidden) qualities. Sometimes they turn out to be talented musicians. To offer them a stage to show their abilities to audiences, we've bought a Prolyte truss construction. The kids learn to build the stage, work with lights and sound and make videos of the performances. It's a great way to play together but sometimes it also helps them to make decisions for the future. A boy who wanted to be gardener, is now a student at the film academy.The choice for Prolyte truss was an easy one. We wanted the best quality and there are rental partners in our area, so we can always expand our stage. To further expand our stock we used the Prolyte Truss Exchange Programme, so we could exchange our old redundant truss.


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